GNRL.QTRS is a uniform that takes American classics and incorporates a utilitarian twist. GNRL.QTRS represents a new generation of American aesthetics that builds upon traditional values of excellence and quality. With clean styling, modern lines and attention to details, it’s self-defined by the person who wears it.


Our first collection and introductory line is aptly named, “Assembly.” Reveille, the sounding of a bugle early in the morning that awakens and summons, calls for the assembly of the first formation of the day. A new day that symbolizes the beginning of endless possibilities; an opportunity to reflect and grow from our experiences of the past. It calls us to put on a uniform that best allows us to take on the challenges of the day.

Assembly is influenced by traditional standards of daily utilitarian work wear that is made for the real world. Inspiration comes from the superior quality, comfort and long lasting styles of what America is known for.
Assembly is the fitting together of pieces into a complete collection that exemplifies a classic look with a contemporary twist. The result is an interpretation of modern Americana that stands the test of time.